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Our approach to the development of an understanding of structural behaviour is supported by a number of resources, one of which is the textbook Understanding Structural Analysis.

First published in 1984, it is unique in both the content and its presentation. We have received several testimonials about this textbook and the associated course.

This book is the first text to show a person’s development of an understanding of structural behaviour and the arrival of a solution of qualitative problems. But more importantly, it treats the typical topics as exercises in a graphical approach, with each stage of the explanation backed by a diagram.

It is now the recommended text in Departments whose focus is structural engineering. In newly formed universities, it has become the text of choice, with recent sales of over 100 copies to a reseller in Kuwait.

Included is a student copy of the structural analysis software, developed by David Brohn, when he ran the software house, QSE. If you have already bought the book and wish to acquire your copy of QSE, please contact us here.

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