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Dr David Brohn Receives MBE from King Charles at Windsor Castle

by David Brohn MBE PhD CEng FIStructE

Dr David Brohn Received the Award of the MBE from King Charles at Windsor Castle on 14th February. He was accompanied by his partner Sheila Reynolds and daughters Jessica Robertson and Justine Wood.

This MBE Award is a remarkable achievement and recognition of 50 years of focus on the development of an understanding of structural behaviour. The Award was supported by Prof Tim Ibell of Bath University and Mike Cook of Buro Happold. Their letters are on the download link.

It was an unforgettable day. A foggy start concealed the Castle which gradually appeared as we entered the famous quadrangle. Entering the Castle we were overwhelmed by the portraits, shining armoury and ancient weapons. Read More

Student Reviews

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I am modestly proud to announce that I have achieved the ‘Certificate in Structural Behaviour’ from The Institution of Structural Engineers UK and am now eligible to utilize the GIStructE designation.
It is imperative to highlight that the examination poses a significant challenge, particularly for engineers unfamiliar with the Qualitative approach to structural analysis. I wholeheartedly endorse ‘Understanding Structural Analysis’ by David Brohn MBE PhD CEng FIStructE as the primary study material for the examination, as well as for all civil engineers seeking to deepen their understanding of the subject matter, regardless of their intent to pursue certification.

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I got my certificate in structural behaviour after passing the structural behaviour exam issued by The Institution of Structural Engineers. This certificate is an internationally recognised mark of competence that proves you have the skills valued by employers: fundamental knowledge and understanding of structural behaviour, including trusses, beams, plasticity, and dynamics.
Many thanks to David Brohn MBE PhD CEng FIStructE , Mark Moppett and The Structural Exam for helping me explore the importance of this skill.

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Afaq Ahmad

The structural behaviour course sets a very high standard as it is one of the best courses I’ve ever taken (probably my most favourite one of any course I’ve completed and also helped me pass the Certificate of Structural Behaviour Exam by IStructE).


Brilliant. Chapters are walk through lectures.

Brilliant book. I’ve attached the contents page and and example page of the book. The format is excellent; every page has 4 windows with diagrams and is accompanied with text to explain it. All ideas are walked through in a number of windows; for instance, statical indeterminacy is explained through 55 diagram windows and their accompanying text. Astonished by how easy the content is digested in this manner. Pages have an abundance of space too, which is great for jotting thoughts down in pencil. Must buy.


Ivar Björnsson: Lund University

On a personal note, I wanted to say that I agree with you completely concerning the need for improving students and graduates understanding for the calculations they (or the software they use) produce. This is something that is perhaps even more necessary now than when your book was first published and is something I try to support in my own teaching.


Bent Feddersen, M.Sc. (Civ. Eng.), Ph.D. Senior Technical Manager – Ramboll, Copenhagen Head Office

Computers have changed the way structures are designed. Before computers, engineers were forced to think through the static systems, including simplifying them, so that calculations could be carried out. The engineer had so to follow the forces all the way through the structure, and with it having a detailed knowledge of the course of the forces. The use of computers has made it possible to model entire structures, have them calculated and get a lot of results that is difficult to overview and see through.

So, even if many young engineers are even extremely skilled at using calculation software, it becomes easy to put numbers in and take numbers out, whereby the static understanding of the structures actual behaviour easily disappears. Understanding how structures works is very important, not only to ensure reasonable behaviour, but also that the structures have the necessary safety. Therefore, it is important that the young engineers are provided with knowledge and intuition of the behaviour of structures, so that, for example, simply by looking at a structure, they can determine whether it is a sound structural principle. That is why courses in understanding structural behaviour are very important.

Engineers working on the structure

Times Higher Education Supplement

Brohn’s magnificent text presents a radical departure…Such an approach has much to recommend it

The focus of this site is to develop an understanding of structural behaviour

by David Brohn MBE PhD CEng FIStructE

Every structural engineer in the world is trying to resolve the issue of how to ensure that the understanding of the modern graduate is as good as that before the computer became universal. Well, we can help. How good is yours?

David M Brohn is a Structural Engineer who specialises in teaching the fundamentals of structural analysis and structural behaviour.

David’s career spans over fifty years. One of David’s most prominent works is his 1984 book, ‘Understanding Structural Analysis’, which accompanies a variety of structural engineering courses, explaining how an understanding of structural behaviour is a crucial skill which underpins the process of structural modelling.

Resources David has developed are used widely in universities across the UK and abroad and encourage the development of training strategies to replace the informal development procedures for analysis and design that are currently the standard in education.

In 2022, David was awarded an MBE in the Jubilee Honours for his contribution to Structural Engineering, and providing a unique and radical approach to the teaching of an understanding of structural behaviour.

David Brohn (right) receiving his IStructE President’s Award in 2015, only the second ever, for his revolutionary teaching methods in structural engineering, from Professor Tim Ibell, President of the Institution of Structural Engineers.

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Understanding Structural Analysis

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