Structural Model Kit


Unlock the complexities of structural engineering with the David Brohn Structural Model Kit, the culmination of our renowned educational series. Crafted to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, this kit is an indispensable tool for students and professionals eager to advance their understanding of structural behaviour.

Origins of the Structural Model Kit

The genesis of this innovative model lies in the challenges faced by students and professionals alike, as identified during my tenure teaching at Bristol Polytechnic and through my graduate training course, “Understanding Structural Behaviour.” It was evident that a common hurdle was the difficulty in visualizing the deflected shape of structures and deducing the directions of reactions to ascertain bending moments.

Inspired by these educational challenges, the Structural Model Kit was developed to facilitate a hands-on learning experience. The ability to manipulate the model and directly observe the deflection and resultant reactions greatly enhances the learner’s comprehension of structural behaviour. This pragmatic approach to learning was realized with the help of my colleague, Charles Adams, whose expertise in 3D printing technology allowed for the precise production of the kit’s components.


Detailed Componentry

The kit includes an array of precisely engineered parts allowing for the assembly of various structural models to demonstrate key engineering concepts.

Interactive Learning Tool

By constructing and adjusting the models, users can visually grasp how loads affect structural integrity and how forces are distributed throughout a structure.

Real-World Application

This tactile approach not only demystifies complex theories but also strengthens problem-solving skills, essential for both academic success and professional practice.

Designed For

  • Engineering Students: Offers a tactile approach to explore structural concepts, significantly enhancing theoretical lessons.
  • Educators: An invaluable resource for demonstrating structural principles and fostering an interactive learning environment.
  • Professional Engineers: Serves as a practical refresher on structural Behaviour, ideal for experienced engineers revisiting essential engineering concepts.

Peer Validation

The efficacy and educational value of the Structural Model Kit have been affirmed by thorough reviews from two leading academic institutions. Their positive feedback confirms that our approach is both innovative and on the right track for fostering a deeper understanding of structural engineering principles.

Dr Antony Darby, Bath University
Reader in the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Dr Fiona Gleed
Open University

Mark and I have had a chance to play with it now. Overall, I think it really hits the mark in terms of the flexibility of the system and addressing the main shortcoming of students understanding of structures – their inability to sketch deflected shapes! Conceptually, I really like it. I don’t quite follow exactly the approach in your book when I teach statics, but deflected shapes are certainly a key component, particularly identifying points of contraflexure and locations of the sides of elements in tension and working out directions of reactions.

I have managed to have a go with the kit and can see it being a really useful prop for online tutorials, used with a visualiser. I can see it being very useful to work with a small group of students. I would probably look to mark up some sheets in advance with the initial set-up, to speed assembly and provide a reference for the unloaded condition.

Additional information

Weight 2.9 kg
Dimensions 80 × 45 × 10 cm

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