Structural Model Kit

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This model is based on prototypes developed when I was teaching at Bristol Polytechnic and running my Graduate training course, ’Understanding Structural Behaviour’.

It became clear from both groups, that a persistent difficulty was their inability to draw the deflected shape of the structure and from it, determine the direction of the reactions, from which the bending moment is derived.

The handling of the model and being able to see the deflection and decide on the reactions is a significant contribution to their development of an understanding of structural behaviour.’

This model became a realistic possibility when my colleague, Charles Adams showed how 3D printing could be used the produce the components.

We have had the model reviewed by two eminent academic establishments and their comments re-assured us that we are on the right track.



Technical Reviews

Dr Antony Darby, Bath University
Reader in the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Dr Fiona Gleed
Open University

Mark and I have had a chance to play with it now. Overall, I think it really hits the mark in terms of the flexibility of the system and addressing the main shortcoming of students understanding of structures – their inability to sketch deflected shapes! Conceptually, I really like it. I don’t quite follow exactly the approach in your book when I teach statics, but deflected shapes are certainly a key component, particularly identifying points of contraflexure and locations of the sides of elements in tension and working out directions of reactions.

I have managed to have a go with the kit and can see it being a really useful prop for online tutorials, used with a visualiser. I can see it being very useful to work with a small group of students. I would probably look to mark up some sheets in advance with the initial set-up, to speed assembly and provide a reference for the unloaded condition.

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